Our vision is to help millions of people’s wishes come true

Starting with yours!

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“What do your family want for Christmas?”

What do you need?

What do you want?

Wishylist is helping people connect with family & friends in a way that no other social network can – "it's amazing how much you can learn about someone from reading their wish list". 

Wishylist was born from a desire to know exactly what our friends & family at the last minute, without ever having to ask them, because almost everyone struggles to know what to get someone for Christmas – that's why Christmas Lists were invented in the first place.

Wishes are anything you want them to be – from dreams to gifts and goals, simple as 'walking with a friend'.

Is Wishylist hiring?

Yes. There are no specific roles we're currently looking to fill, but we always want to meet talented people we can have a giggle with. Send us an email – support@wishylist.com

Can I invest in Wishylist?

Potentially. Our ambitions are huge so if you feel our visions could align and you want to join Wishylist's journey then please email – support@wishylist.com

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“Screw Santa, use Wishylist!”

Maverick Foo, Kickstart, Malaysia

“Save time & money!”

Samantha Sida, Limited Space

“What, no more shit presents?”

Leanne Whitcher, London

“No more fake smiles and awkward thank you’s!”

Chris Williams, Scotland

“Get exactly what you want!?”

Stefan Eschler, Germany

“We’re facilitating 
the Universe”

Rory Lawrence, Wishylist