Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked some great questions – here's some solutions.

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“What do your family want for Christmas?”

What do you need?

What do you want?

Why won't lists work?

We're fixing an issue with lists where it's currently not possible to click on a list if it contains wishes – your own list or friends lists. Please bare with us as it will be resolved soon. We'll let you know as soon as a new update is available!

Why's it stuck 'Downloading friends wishes'?

Occasionally – when someone installs the app for the first time – it might get stuck. Do not despair, this can be fixed. Please quit the app app (by double-clicking the iPhones home button and dragging the app up and away), and re-start it. You may need to repeat this a couple of times, or at worst delete the app, re-install it and try again – it should then work.  

Why do I get "Failed to Sync http" errors?

This is a simple problem with the connection – something we're working to fix. You should be able to fix it yourself though if you try one of these things:- a) Quit the app; and re-open. b) Go to your wishes screen ('My Wishes') click the 'settings' icon in top right corner, and press 'Reset Data'. This actually fixes most problems.

Why the name, Wishylist?

For a long time we had no name, until one day whilst Rory was reading a book titled 'My Booky Wook' by the infamous Russell Brand it clicked "Wishy List!!". Rory said "If I hadn't thought of the name I likely wouldn't have pursued building Wishylist, but the name had such a good ring to it, it just made sense – it had the feeling of a big brand. Everyone loved it – it's cute, fun and said exactly what we do, so I grabbed it!" (Though getting it wasn't so simple, at a small fortune).

Will Wishylist be on Android?

It will be on Android one day yes – in fact we aim to be on as many devices as possible. We have many exciting features in the pipeline, so sign up to our mailing to here about them.

“Screw Santa, use Wishylist!”

Maverick Foo, Kickstart, Malaysia

“Save time & money!”

Samantha Sida, Limited Space

“What, no more shit presents?”

Leanne Whitcher, London

“No more fake smiles and awkward thank you’s!”

Chris Williams, Scotland

“Get exactly what you want!?”

Stefan Eschler, Germany

“We’re facilitating 
the Universe”

Rory Lawrence, Wishylist