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“What do you want for Christmas?”

“What do your family want for Christmas?”

What do you need?

What do you want?

PRESS RELEASE — 29th October 2015

UK Entrepreneur seeks investor to make wishes come true​, in £14bn market.

Bournemouth based UK entrepreneur Rory Lawrence has created a new gift app that could give the term 'wish list' a whole new digital meaning.

The free app 'Wishylist' takes the age old tradition of writing down the things that you want most in the world and and drags it into the 21st century – with an intuitive user interface and the ability to choose who you share with, it's an easy way to make sure your nearest and dearest never buy you a bum present again; without having to so much as drop a hint. You can add as many lists as you like from the expected (birthdays, Christmas, wedding) to the slightly more unusual (bucket lists, life goals, things to do with that lottery win that’s bound to come in one day).

Rory shared his hopes for the app: "I founded Wishylist in 2013 but struggled to raise enough funding to launch a publicly stable version which was really tough. I strongly believe that Wishylist has what it takes to improve millions of peoples gift buying and giving experiences, it just needs a bit more love and a few more functions to make it complete."

Wishylist boasts innovative functions that will help to make the gifting process seamless and will help to maintain that all important surprise element. Rory added "The great thing about Wishylist is that people can keep an eye on your list come times like Christmas or birthdays. When they grant a wish from the list it disappears, so no risk of duplicated presents. What's even better is the list owner has no idea what has been bought as their original list remains unchanged under their login." Clever stuff!

Rory added: “Another useful feature of the app is the ability to make wishes, and see friends lists whilst offline; so even if internet access is limited the app is still fully operational. I believe that this software will help to bridge the gap between retailers offline and online presence and lead to an increase in transactions. Currently only available for iPhone, Rory is seeking the right investors, partners and staff to take the project to the next level and ultimately establish Wishylist as a global icon for the gifting market.

On a more environmental note, research shows that Brits spend an astounding £4.4billion on unwanted Christmas presents each year, with the plastic packaging alone contributing to 125,000 tons of landfill waste. Surveys state that 4 in 10 people will fake joy at unwanted gifts this Christmas, with 4% of women & 12% men throwing gifts away – rather than re-gifting. Rory hopes to make a difference in the World with Wishylist one day, by enabling people (that might otherwise waste money buying gifts that are likely unwanted ) to get gifts that people actually want instead.

"New app drags gifting into 21st​ Century" 
"Never get a bad gift again!"

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“Screw Santa, use Wishylist!”

Maverick Foo, Kickstart.my, Malaysia

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Samantha Sida, Limited Space

“What, no more shit presents?”

Leanne Whitcher, London

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Chris Williams, Scotland

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Stefan Eschler, Germany

“We’re facilitating 
the Universe”

Rory Lawrence, Wishylist