Introducing Wishylist

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From abstract dreams & goals... tangible gifts & products.

One list to rule them all.

All Your Wish Lists

From Ambitions & Bucket Lists, to Birthdays & Christmas Lists, or Amazon Wish Lists to Wedding Lists – any lists you want.

Share from Anywhere

Whether you’re online or offline, jot down an idea, scan barcodes, or capture something from any website.

Family & Friends

Share your wishes with who ever you want, from your nearest and dearest, to everyone or anyone.

Birthday Reminders

Never miss a friends birthday again, with timely reminders 10 days before to check their wish lists — or your own!

Granting Wishes

Ensure someone doesn't receive the same gift twice, and they still remain a surprise until you receive your gift!

We want to help make millions of people’s wishes come true

Starting with you!

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“What do your family want for Christmas?”

What do you need?

What do you want?

Private Wish Lists

Wishylist was built for groups of family & friends to sharing wish lists between each other.

“Screw Santa, use Wishylist!”

Maverick Foo, Kickstart, Malaysia

“Save time & money!”

Samantha Sida, Limited Space

“What, no more shit presents?”

Leanne Whitcher, London

“No more fake smiles and awkward thank you’s!”

Chris Williams, Scotland

“Get exactly what you want!?”

Stefan Eschler, Germany

“We’re facilitating 
the Universe”

Rory Lawrence, Wishylist.